You have a few days and Paris and don’t know where to start? Give us your dates, where you’re staying, and any pertinent details of your party and we’ll whip up an itinerary with must-dos, must-eats, and must-drinks. We’ll suggest day and nighttime events for you based on what’s going on as well as the best days to visit certain major attractions, should they be of interest to you.

  • Morning and afternoon activities tailored to your interests to maximize time and minimize stress
  • Lunch and dinner recommendations (reservations not included)
  • Evening options
  • Alternatives to some of the more touristy experiences if it's a repeat visit


For itineraries, we can plan your trip (up to five days) with day by day events, suggestions for restaurants, and how best to plan your time. Pricing depends on the demand, starting at 40 euros per day.


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