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We are your gay locals. Paris has its Eiffel Tower and its Louvre, but what’s it like to experience gay Paris? Where do we go at night? Where do we shop? Where do we buy penis-shaped baguettes (yes, we have those addresses). Believe it or not, we do a lot of the same stuff straight people do. Shocking, right? We have visited Paris with the boys, with family, and with friends, with people of all ages. It's not just gay gay gay all the time. That said, there are still plenty of things that are only of interest to gay or otherwise non-heterosexual visitors in Paris, and that’s where we come into play.



Founder and Tour Guide

PhD in Communications from the Sorbonne Nouvelle, BA in Journalism and French from New York University.

A journalist, author, and tour guide from the US, it’s literally been my job to know Paris’s every corner. I've written about gay nightlife for Time Out Paris, but more than that, I live it every day – sometimes twice a day. Sure it’s not all rainbows and cocktails, but Paris definitely has a few tricks up its sleeves for gay visitors, and I want to share them. That's why I started The Gay Locals in the first place!


Tour Guide and Designer

BFA in Art and History: University of Calgary, University of Amsterdam, l’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués

Together we will explore the city of lights through rainbow colored lenses. Whether touring the city's historical landmarks or bar hopping through the beautiful streets of Le Marais, I’ll be the Patsy to your Eddy. France is the sixth country I have called home, so I am at your disposal as well for any high brow art history questions you may have, such as "Why didn't Mona Lisa invest in a good eyebrow contour brush?"



Maybe you’re on a honeymoon, or with a group of friends, or just traveling solo, and you want some gay-friendly advice from someone who’s been there, or someone who just gets it. We've got you covered. This site aims to provide all things kitsch, campy, cultured, or classy, helping you plan your time in the City of Light. No judgments. Just guidance.


If you need a bit more help, or maybe you want to plan something special, or maybe you just want a face to help orient you to the city, we’d be happy to work with you on your trip. Just check out our Tours/Itineraries page for information on how we can personally help plan your days, evenings, and experiences while in Paris, even guiding you personally if you'd let us. Nothing is too off the beaten path and nothing is too touristy for us!