Have a question that's not here? Send us an email and we'll add it! We love questions and thinking up snarky answers to the ridiculous ones. Oh, and we'll give an honest answer for the legitimate ones, don't worry.

Q: What do your tours include?

A: Tours include several hours of hanging out, learning about Paris, seeing how we live, and visiting our favorite spots. We keep it informal but professional, and above all entertaining. We don't live each day like we're walking through a textbook, so your visit shouldn't be like that either. Any food or goodies are up to you guys to purchase, but we can't rule out a few chocolate tastings at our expense if the feeling's right. 

Q: And an itinerary?

A: Just information, no chocolate. We give you the information you'd need to cover the time frame desired, including restaurant recommendations, worthwhile museums, and any other must-sees (in our opinion!). We don't make restaurant reservations because that gets dicey when a restaurant calls us and asks where you are. We don't always know... 

Q: Will you tour with people who aren't gay?

A: Only if they are awesome, but generally yes.

Q: Are parts of Paris not gay-friendly?

A: Generally, the 20 arrondissements are safe, but in certain neighborhoods around the periphery you might want to avoid making out with your partner in the street. If you have concerns, let us know and we can talk about it in detail. But don't worry too much.

Q: Are you an escort service parading as a delightfully endearing and all-around adorable tour company?

A: We are not.

Q: Why should we pay money to hang out with you?

A: We have experience tour guiding, writing about Paris, and living here that has taken years of (and off) our lives. We know things you won't discover on your own and we'll introduce you to bits of the city that a book can't (we know, we worked for the guides!). We will save you time and frustration by showing you the touristy parts of Paris you think you *need* to see, but without rattling off dates. We'll show you something beyond that as well, and hopefully end it all with a good drink.

Q: Do you do family tours?

A: If you have kids, aunts, crazy cousins, or all of the above, we are ready for you. Years of touring with children and teaching in schools has helped us learn how to deal with children that will give them something to remember while appreciating Paris on a level appropriate for them. That said, a 3 year old probably won't remember more than the baguette he or she had for breakfast, so don't expect miracles.

Q: I'm not gay. Will I understand your tour?

A: First of all, if you're on this site, you might be gay. But as long as you speak the same language as your guide, then yes, you should be all good.

Q: Why is there so little information about lesbian life in Paris?

A: With no sociologically-reasoned answer to provide, all we can say is that there are plenty of lesbians in Paris with two or three bars dedicated to them, and not much else. We are working with a few locals to address the lack of info for lesbians, so hold tight!

Q: How is a gay tour different from any other tour of Paris?

A: It's not entirely, and that's what other people don't tell you. Paris doesn't have a gay landmark or a gay history per se. What's different is us, the guides, who are conscious of what you as a gay individual or couple will be interested in while in Paris, where you might like to go, and how you might want to experience in Paris. By telling us just a bit about yourself, we can plan a tour or itinerary tailored to your needs better than maybe a straight man or woman who hasn't been to the gay clubs or bars or who hasn't had to worry about walking down the street holding their partner's hand. We're not saying we're better (just implying it) but we're saying we're definitely better for you.